Crafting the Resistance: 12 patterns to buy from Ravelry today

Ravelry banned open support of the Trump administration on Sunday and fascists are pissed

Ravelry has always been a safe space for yarn fans and the place to go for woke wool crafts. Since 2007, members have knitted, crocheted, woven and spun millions of metres of projects including pussyhats, refugee welcome blankets, Innocent Big Knit hats and comforting textiles for animals in shelters. It’s one of the most wholesome places on the internet and somewhere people from all walks of life can—and do!—share their work.

I am so proud to be a Rav member today and encourage anyone who’s ever picked up a ball of yarn or coveted a cable-knit jumper to support the team in any way they can. The site is run by couple Jess and Casey, several employees and a small army of volunteers and pays its bills through pattern sales and ads from small yarn businesses. Buying a pattern supports the site’s entrepreneurs, most of whom are female. You can also donate directly to Ravelry.

Need inspiration? I’ve pulled a few patterns from my favourites. They’re all knitted and fairly easy since I’m new to the craft. I also have a bundle full of activist patterns for you to peruse (suggestions all welcome).

  1. The Knitorious RBG by Park Williams, $12.60
  2. Protest is Patriotic shawl by nycraft craftivist, free
  3. Summer Kimono by Julee Mackessy, $12
  4. Striped Summer Shirt by Purl Soho, free
  5. Beach Tank by Jess Schreibstein, $9.60 
  6. Luna Throw by Callisto Knits, $12 CAD
  1. SS15 | Square by Shibui Knits, $12
  2. Minimalist Flats by Modern Qulture, $4.99
  3. Baby Cables and Big Ones Too by Suvi Simola, €6.20
  4. Taking Flight (Captain Marvel) shawl by Katherine Belisle, free
  5. Erquy by Heather Dixon, $7.20 
  6. Sailor jumper by Alice Hammer, €8.00
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