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I recently had my ears pierced for the first time. It’s something I had wanted since I was a kid, but had never really had the means to do. As I got older, I was put off by the idea of eight weeks of aftercare. After amassing a small hoard of jewellery samples through work I decided to suck it up and get ‘er done.

Most of my friends have vivid first-piercing memories of sitting in the window of Claire’s Accessories, holding a teddy bear. I wanted to go somewhere a little more upscale but wasn’t yet ready to spend hundreds of pounds at Maria Tash. The answer was Metal Morphosis, in the Topshop Oxford Street flagship—it was super easy, no worse than an injection and cost just over £50 for service, aftercare and a pair of white gold-plated, princess-cut cubic zirconia studs.

Metal Morphosis uses the Studex System 75 for lobe piercings; it’s essentially a piercing gun with single-use parts. I was a little wary of using any kind of gun, but my piercer was super professional and we had no issues. The studio uses needles for all other piercings, so I imagine they could do the same for lobes on request.

Now that I’m waiting very impatiently for the holes to heal over—five more weeks—I’ve started assembling quite the wishlist…

  1. These H&M Studio earrings are from the Twin Peaks-inspired Fall 2018 collection. The two halves—tortoiseshell and black, or pink and red, depending on your preference—snap together with magnets.
  2. Latelita London stocks a rainbow of gorgeous gem studs, but I particularly like these pearl earrings. The organic, slightly irregular shape is a fun twist on a classic.
  3. Can you tell I’m having a tortoiseshell moment? These ASOS Design earrings are the spiritual little sister to the H&M Studio ones above.
  4. APM Monaco’s Météorites collection is flawless. These star earrings are available in silver, gold, rose gold and black.
  5. Pick up some Phoebe Philo-era Céline while you still can. The knot hoops are iconic and subtle enough to wear every day.
  6. I may have already purchased this set of charm hoop earrings from Urban. They’re cheap and cheerful, and the perfect soft gold colour.
  7. Mejuri has been making waves over the pond for its affordable fine jewellery. The whole collection is beautifully dainty, not least these 18K gold vermeil and white sapphire lotus studs.
  8. Catbird—need I say any more? These winged mother-of-pearl earrings can be worn two different ways and are handmade by Laurie Fleming in her Toronto studio.

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