Minimal, sustainable jewellery

I love dainty jewellery as much as the next girl. Here are some of my favourite pieces from ethical designers…

Cinderella Garbage

Cinderella Garbage earrings
Photo: Cinderella Garbage

Montreal makers Cinderella Garbage literally turn trash into treasure by vitrifying it with plasma torches. After cutting and polishing, their Cinderlite glitters like black diamonds. I love these classic 0.5 carat earrings, from $165 for sterling silver – they look especially striking in rose gold.

Marie Canning

Marie Canning baby's breath bridal halo
Photo: Marie Canning

I’m in love with Marie Canning’s dainty, intricate porcelain jewellery. She painstakingly sculpts realistic flowers from clay and combines them with sterling silver to make the prettiest jewellery and bridal accessories around. The baby’s breath bridal halo, £360 is incredible and I’m particularly keen on the wildflower studs in elderflower, which are a steal at £55.

Wild Fawn

Wild Fawn sterling silver ear wraps
Photo: Wild Fawn Jewellery

I get Phoebe Philo-era Céline vibes from Wild Fawn’s minimal, London-made pieces. Emma Barnes uses certified Fairtrade gold and recycled silver to make her affordable jewellery, so you can rest knowing that your money is supporting miners and their local communities. These sterling silver ear wraps are beautiful and just £39.

Tada & Toy

Photo: Tada & Toy

If you have a little more money to play with, Tada & Toy make playful modern jewellery from responsibly sourced gold and jewels. 5% of all profits go to the Aspinall Foundation and 25% of sales of their charity collections is donated. My favourite piece is the Hey, Baby chain choker, £150.

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